Photo by Mitch Burrell

The landscape has been my primary interest from an early age. I’m mostly self taught but have been deeply influenced by the American abstract expressionists. Particularly in their belief in improvisation as a way to something unique and meaningful. In my brief education, I was fortunate to work with Richard Diebenkorn in the first master class at the new Santa Fe Institute of Fine Art. It was a pivotal experience. As an avid walker, I explore, study, record and remember the various landscapes of northwestern Oregon that I move through. This is the basis of my work. My paintings are the result of trial and error, and though I have sincere regard for my subjects, my intentions are aesthetic ultimately.

A mood, memory, drawing or photo gets things started. The painting is built with a casual scaffold of many small gestures and experiments which are developed, altered and often removed. Sometimes realistic description and contour prevail, other times, an abstract atmosphere of the place itself. Through the process, I hope to construct a work of inherent interest and in the spirit of that landscape.

Profile by Luke Fannin (from Create Eugene, August 2013).